History of regby championship

The Rugby Championship is the development of the tri-countries competition between Australia/New Zealand and South Africa to which Argentina was added. The Rugby Championship is the yearly test managed by SANZAAR. Till 2011 the Cup it was called Tri-Nations Cup. Notwithstanding, after the presentation of cleaned inclination in rugby, adulating the Tri-Nations Cup was envisioned, a test between the three most grounded southern get-togethers. The SANZAR class was made. The new test was shaped by relationship with the Five Nations Cup. New Zealand and this time won in all matches. The South Africans won uncommon for 1998, the Australians comprehends how to take second place. Regardless, one year from now, All Bleaks again changed into the holders of the Cup of the Tri-Nations. The Australian national get-together won the 2000 test out of the blue. This draw is in addition known for its first match among Australians and New Zealanders, which finished with a score of 39:35 for the last referenced. Watch this redirection at the field “Australia” gathered in excess of 109,000 fans. This party is still observed as one of the best ever.


Australia and New Zealand played without precedent for 1903. The South Africans visited these two nations in 1921. During the 1930s, Vallabis and All Blex established the Beldislow Cup, which was played amid the flight of the two groups. Be that as it may no official competition between groups in the Southern Hemisphere existed until 1996 in spite of all these old games conventions. In the meantime, the Nations Cup of the Nation (presently known as the Six Nations Cup) it has played in Europe for in excess of a hundred years. In any case, after the presentation of polished methodology in rugby, the idea of praising the Tri-Nations Cup was conceived, a competition between the three most grounded southern groups. The SANZAR alliance was made. The new competition was composed by similarity with the Five Nations Cup.

In the main draw, New Zealand wins, while winning each of the four amusements. In the notable first round of the All-Bucks Tournament, Australia crushed at 43: 6. The 1997 Tournament was comparative. New Zealand and this time won in all matches. The South Africans won without precedent for 1998, the Australians figured out how to take second place. Be that as it may, one year from now, All Bleaks again turned into the holders of the Cup of the Three Nations. The Australian national group won the 2000 competition out of the blue. This draw is additionally known for its first match among Australians and New Zealanders, which finished with a score of 39:35 for the last mentioned. Watch this diversion at the arena “Australia” accumulated in excess of 109,000 fans. This gathering is still viewed as one of the biggest ever.

In 2010, the New Zealanders won the competition for the eighth time, however in 2011, the Australians commended their prosperity. After the 2007 World Cup, where the Argentine national group took third spot, she was welcome to join the competition. Authoritatively, the American group was incorporated into the challenge on November 23, 2011. “Jaguar” started to partake in 2012 in view of this the Cup of the three countries changed its name to the Rugby Championship. In the principal draw of the competition with the new name “All Blex” he won in every one of the six diversions, winning the primary spot in the eleventh time. The debutants of the Cup, the Argentines could make a home match against South Africa in a draw and win two extra focuses.

In 2006, the extension of the competition was finished through another TV contract. Each group started playing the other multiple times with a week by week rest. The challenge starts in July and finishes in September. The dates are in accordance with the Super 14 competition, a challenge for the best club groups from a similar three nations. Super 14 is done through the fall-spring framework, the best players who play in these two competitions become visible, perform abnormal state coordinates consistently. The present Super 14 champs are the crusaders from Canterbury, New Zealand. In Rugby Championship the focuses are determined as pursues:

  • 4 for the triumph;
  • 2 for every draw;
  • 0 for every thrashing.

Groups can likewise include extra focuses. Extra focuses collect in two cases:

  • if the group gathers at least four endeavors in the match, paying little respect to the result of the amusement;
  • if the group plays with a distinction of seven points or less.

In this way, the victor can get 4 or 5 points, contingent upon the quantity of endeavors made. The losing group can score from 0 to 2 points. The group that scored the most focuses is reported as the victor of the competition. On account of equivalent focuses in groups, the past line is the group that scored the most endeavors in the competition.

Australia and New Zealand want to hold Bledyslow Cup separately from the Rugby Championship

Australia and New Zealand have expressed a desire to hold the Bledyslow Cup matches separately from the Three Nations Cup. The reason was the profit from the recent game in Hong Kong, which exceeded expectations and amounted to 18 million dollars. This year the Bledyslow Cup, which is held every year and reveals the strongest of these two teams, included three matches of the Cup of three nations and a meeting in Hong Kong. “However, we don’t want to hold matches of the Three Nations Cup on foreign territory, as we are afraid that our fans will turn away from us. Also, we don’t want satiety of rugby in other countries,” the head of the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU), Steve Thew said in an interview with Fairfax Media. “In this situation, you need to maintain a balance – playing in a neutral territory should not be to the detriment of our market. It is unlikely that we will be holding three-nation Cup matches in other countries, ”the official website of the Three Nations Cup quotes President of the Union of Rugby Players of Australia (АRU) John O’Neill.

Rugby Championship players use GPS technology

Trade unions of rugby players this year began using GPS technology to collect data for research to identify the necessary physical conditions for top divisions of rugby. Players of the eighth Aviva Premiership Games are preparing to put on GPS trackers in connection with the demands of the International Rugby Board (IRB). GPS data collected from approximately one hundred games of the Bath Rugby, Exeter Chiefs, Harlequins, Leicester Tigers, London Irish, London Wasps, Northampton Saints and Sale Sharks teams will be used for:

  • Studies on the use of GPS for more accurate refereeing.
  • Studies on the use of GPS to prevent player injuries
  • Studying key indicators of players of the highest league and creating requirements for them. Roy Headey, head of the Association of Sports Science, said: “Putting GPS technology into the game will help both judges and coaches. We will be more informed about what is happening on the field. In addition, it will provide new data for research, which, ultimately, will make the game more spectacular and interesting.”

Rugby Championship 2010: first win of Springboks

The next Rugby Championship match started very briskly, by the 15th minute the teams had five attempts and it seemed that with such a pace the score at the end would be around 50 points on each side, at least. But after that the spectacle turnovers were dropped, but the game did not lose from this interest.

The beginning remained entirely and entirely behind Australia, James O’Connor and Brian Haban tried their best in this, the first one scored, the second was mistaken. Wallabies immediately went into the gap by two attempts, and the South Africans all the time turned out to be in the role of catching up. Before the break to catch up with the guests and failed. Australians as a whole were playing their hands faster and better, making four attempts in a half and getting a bonus point. The springboks quickly moved away from the shock of the first minutes and set off in pursuit and by the break lost only four points 24-28.

In the second half, the Australians lost momentum, and the initiative passed to the owners. In response to an exact free kick from Morne Stein, Zhito scored his penalty, but as it turned out later, this was the last effective action of the Wallabies in this match. And the South Africans this time decided not to spoil the holiday for one of their veterans, namely, Victor Mattfield, who conducted the 100th match for the national team. First, an attempt was noted by Francois Stein then he also scored the ultra-long penalty, and finally completed the job started by JP Peterson. As a result there was the 44-31 first victory of the Springboks in this draw.

Olympic swimming champion from Australia defeated advertising contract for insulting South Africa rugby team

Automobile concern Jaguar tore up an advertising contract with three-time Olympic champion in swimming Stephanie Rice from Australia for insulting the South African team, which lost in the last minutes to its compatriots in the three nations rugby cup match (39:41). The 22-year-old swimmer tweeted “Suck on that faggots” on Twitter, harshly hinting at Springbox’s defeat and the unconventional sexual orientation of its players. Later, Rice deleted the message and apologized on her official website.

“I made an entry in Twitter on Saturday night at a very exciting moment. I did not want to offend anyone and I apologize,” the Olympic champion in swimming said. Despite this, on Monday the company Jaguar announced a break of cooperation. “Jaguar Australia ceases to cooperate with Stephanie Rice, who has been the ambassador of our brand since the beginning of 2010,” – the text of the statement of Reuters. According to Australian media, the loss of an athlete from an incorrect statement amounted to 100 thousand dollars and the deprivation of the prize car Jaguar. For Australia’s rugby team, her boyfriend Quaid Cooper plays.